LIQUID DE-ICERTM is a corrosion inhibited calcium chloride based liquid that is making winter conditions more bearable for vehicles, business owners, and home owners. It is activated by an exothermic reaction. This means, when applied, it gives off heat and draws in moisture from the air, allowing it to break down existing ice and prevent ice build up.

LIQUID DE-ICERTM has been proven to work in temperatures as low as -260 F. It has 26% calcium chloride and corrosion inhibitors making this product friendly to you. It is a safe and very effective product that will Make Your Icy Season Melt Away!TM

This is More Than a Safe Product, It's Been Proven to Work Better

Other products, such as road salt and mag-chloride, rely on heat from the air to activate and keep it activated. These products work little if at all on colder days because there is less heat in the air. LIQUID DE-ICERTM produces it’s own heat, so even on the colder days it works.  When other products stop working at above freezing temperatures, LIQUID DE-ICERTM will stay activated in sub-zero temperatures as low as -260 F (for temperature effectiveness view chart on the right).

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In This Day And Age

With rising gas prices and food prices finding a product that benefits your budget is key. LIQUID DE-ICERTM is a product that is easily applicable with great results. Not only is there less wear and tear on your carpets and vehicles, it can save you time. Up to 50% reduced application rates, compared to other leading products, have been reported.  This product's use will result in less use than granulars or salts that scatter. LIQUID DE-ICERTM is a product that works and will continue to prove itself.